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Maaf kawan2, sebab lama glak dah sik update blog.
Kmk makin sibuk kebelakangan tok. Kadang2 pas balit keja sikda rehat yg cukup.
Khamis 23hb September tok kmk g kursus gik. Sampe 27hb.
InsyaAllah kelak kmk update blog gk.

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Yeeeeaaaa!! yippiee!! team yg aku suka akhirnya jadi juara FIFA 2010 buat kali pertama :p Tahniah kpd pasukan Spain.. ikuti ringkasan media tentang kemenangan Spain. :)

Iniesta puts Spain on top of the world
Champions of Europe and now champions of the world, Spain captured football's Holy Grail for the first time with a 1-0 victory over the Netherlands thanks to Andres Iniesta's 116th-minute strike at Soccer City.

The solitary goal came with penalties looming as substitute Cesc Fabregas played in Iniesta and the little midfielder drove emphatically across Maarten Stekelenburg and into the far corner. With this victory – their fourth successive single-goal win in South Africa – Spain became the eighth name on the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy and also the first European team to have triumphed on a different continent. For the Netherlands, who lost defender John Heitinga to a red card in extra time, there is only the heartache of another tale of what might have been after they completed a hat-trick of Final losses.

 This was a match preceded by much talk of two like-minded footballing cultures, of the influence of Dutchmen like Johan Cruyff and Rinus Michels, of 'tiki taka' and Total Football. In many ways, as the first 116 minutes showed, it was also a case of the irresistible force versus the immovable object. The Dutch had won 14 straight games to get to the Final, in qualifying and the tournament proper, and Spain 15 out of 16, their only slip the defeat by Switzerland in their first game here in South Africa.

It was the Spanish found their stride first, living up to their pre-game billing as favourites. Vicente del Bosque's side dominated possession and created the early chances. With the Dutch penned inside their half, goalkeeper Stekelenburg had to make a save after five minutes, diving low to stop a Sergio Ramos header from Xavi's free-kick from the right. Gerard Pique looked poised to follow up only to be denied by a combination of Joris Mathijsen and Dirk Kuyt.

Ramos came again in the tenth minute, beating Kuyt on the right and driving in a low centre that Heitinga deflected behind. From the corner came another scare for the Netherlands. Xavi played the ball back to Xabi Alonso whose cross went beyond the far post to David Villa but the in-form No7 sliced his volley into the side-netting. After those near things, however, both defences got on top with none of the flair players on either side able to take a grip on proceedings. Instead the yellow-card count began to rise with Nigel de Jong becoming the fifth player in Howard Webb's notebook by the time the half-hour mark arrived.

With the orange sections of the 84,490 Soccer City crowd finding their voice, Bert van Marwijk's men almost gave them something to sing about from a corner in the 37th minute. Robben rolled the ball to Mark van Bommel on the edge of the box and although he failed to make a clean connection he unwittingly diverted the ball on to the unmarked Mathijsen but the defender missed his kick. As half-time approached, Iker Casillas had barely had a save to make but entering stoppage time, he had to be alert to deny Robben at his near post as a spell of Dutch pressure ended with the winger spearing in a low shot from the corner of the box.

Puyol, Spain's semi-final matchwinner, showed his aerial threat once more minutes after the restart when he rose above Heitinga and headed to the far post but Joan Capdevila failed to make contact. The game was gradually opening up and the Dutch spurned a golden opportunity in the 62nd minute when Wesley Sneijder sent Robben running clear. Casillas came to Spain's rescue, deflecting the shot behind with his right foot when falling the wrong way.

Spain coach Del Bosque had already sent on Jesus Navas for Pedro on the hour and the winger helped pick a hole in the Dutch defence in the 70th minute. Xavi sent him flying down the right into the box and when Heitinga failed to deal with Navas's low cross, the ball fell to Villa who looked odds-on to score only to see his effort deflected behind. Ramos was equally profligate after 78 minutes when he headed over a Xavi centre when unmarked, after Villa had forced another corner.

Spain were looking the more likely winners and it took Sneijder of all people to foil Iniesta with a smart tackle after his jinking run into the box. Yet Robben's pace was a persistent threat and the Oranje No11 almost embarrassed Puyol in the 82nd minute, speeding clear of the Spain defender when second-favourite to reach a through-ball. Resisting Pique's attempt to tackle too, he was foiled only by Casillas, the captain saving at Robben's feet as the Dutchman tried to round him.

Extra time began with opportunities for Spain. Xavi failed to connect when well positioned and when the ball ran to Villa, his shot went wide off an orange shirt. Substitute Fabregas then broke clear on to Iniesta's through-ball but was foiled by Stekelenburg. Mathijsen headed wide from a corner but like waves, Spanish attacks kept rolling on to the Netherlands back line and Navas was close with a shot deflected into the side-netting.

Fernando Torres replaced Villa midway through the extra period and Spain gained a man advantage four minutes later with Heitinga's dismissal for pulling back Iniesta on the edge of the box, the offence earning him a second yellow. Iniesta would not be denied, however, and his fine late strike put Spain into the history books and left a Dutch dream shattered.

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Bulan Jun lepas dan 3 Julai, aku g nangga Konsert DIGILIVE Tour dan Hot FM Mini Jam. Rami artis2 datang, spt Black, Tomok, Hujan, Sixth Sense, Jinbara, Kumpulan Telu, Mirwana, Delima, Ana Rafali, Fara Fauzana, Faizal Ismail, AG, Kiran dan rami gik. Memang meriah dan seronok. Jarang2 dapat nangga artis dekat2. dapat juak sebagai aktiviti berfaedah bersama famili dan kawan2. cuma yg sedihnya ada beberapa org kawan sik dapat hadir bersama atas sebab nya pun :p

Masa Digilive tour ya aku pegi dengan famili. Mun sik silap, pada 19 Jun 2010, hari sabtu.. Siang ada pelbagai game. Konsert pada sebelah malam. kmk dengan famili ada 9 org masa ya. dah la aunty dgn mak mok balit awal mlm ya. tp aku mok nangga sampe abis juak. cian ngan mak bapa ku & auntie nunggu sampe habis juak konsert mlm ya. duduk kat tepi jalan jak cdak nunggu aku ngan adik2 & kazen. masa ya aku nak nangga juak persembahan kumpulan sixth sense. dah group ya last skali.. ya la aku keras ati sikmok pulang awal masa ya. hehe.. bertuah punya anak :p

Masa konsert Hot Fm Mini Jam, aku g ke tempat kejadian jam 2 ptg camya la. pegi ngan kawan. Sebelum ya aku gi ke program Satu Daerah Satu Industri Zon Sabah/Sarawak dolok, kat depan Dewan undangan negeri lamak. Pasya bok berangkat ke stadium nangga Hot Fm Mini Jam.. Cun jak belum lamak kmkorg sampe, konsert baru start. hehe. rezeki.. & lebih best dr Digilive tour, sebab lebih rami artis datang. berebut2 jak cdak pengunjung nak bergambar ngn cdak. ada la kawan aku sempat juak bergambar ngan artis. aku jak segan2 silu. malas nak berebut bergambar... gpun aku memang sik suka berebut. biarlah apa kata org. org yg sikmok berebut slalu rugi. sik apa laa. asalkan sik ngaco org lain yg berebut ya :p

Yang sik bestnya masa konsert Hot Fm Mini Jam ya, masa persembahan ke tiga, masa Tomok mbak lagu keduak nya, lalu hujan hari. keras ati juak sikmok pulang. aku ngan kawan balit ke kereta ngambik payung.. haha.. berujan jak kmk org nangga konsert. nasib hujan ya sik lamak. kira 30minit jak. alhamdulillah kmk org nangga sampe abis juak dan sikda perkara yg sik diingini berlaku...
aku harap banyak gik hiburan yg berfaedah & positif yg akan ada di kuching tok.. boleh mengeratkan silaturrahim dan bergembira sama:)

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Makan Malam di Benteng Satok

Makan malam di Benteng Satok. Ya Allah,.. lamak benar dah aku sik makan ctok. Last aku makan awal tahun 2009 dengan ex aku.

Malam tadik, aku dengan famili makan kat cya. mak & bapa aku mok merasa sup sayur kat stall hujung, dekat dengan jejantas. Tapi malangnya cas sup ya malam tadik cukuplah mahal. sup sayur ajak lebih kurang RM30. maka mintak utk 3 orang jak..

Skarang tok, aku dah rasa malas la nak makan kat cya gik. nangga la mun terdetik mok mkn cya gik..

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Cute modem ku kembali berfungsi :)

Setelah seminggu modem cute ku diservis, akhirnya kembali berfungsi cam biasa. Hepppi glak2 dapat online macam biasa.

Sepanjang seminggu ya juak la aku online Facebook make HP jak. nasib bait la online make DiGi ya FREE. tabik springgg ngan DiGi kerana menyediakan perkhidmatan web facebook percuma kepada semua pelanggan.

Nasib bait la kau kembali berfungsi. mun sik, terpaksa la ku berkorban RM100+ nak beli modem baru.

Bila fikir2 gik, aku online atau sik, sama jak rasa.. sunyi jak rupa. cuma suka ngga post / status orang dalam fb.. mun setahun duak lepas dapat diulang. kan best.. :) masa ya jak aku paling hepi online.. masa berkapel la katakan..

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Kem Permai II (12 Jun 2010)

Aku nak kongsi ckit gambar2 masa Group 360 di Kem Permai buat kali ke-2 pada 12 Jun 2010 tok tek. Semua yang hadir lebih 16 orang. Terima kasih kepada ahli2 yg menjayakan program muda mudi kita. hehe.

Aktiviti seterusnya akan diadakan pada 3 Julai 2010 di Pantai Siar di Lundu/Sematan.
Dijangka berkumpul / berangkat dari Matang Jaya pada 3 Julai. Aktiviti diadakan dua hari dan satu malam.
Sapa2 berminat nak join, sila klik info di facebook. Search 360 Degree Friends.

Tok adalah salah satu aktiviti riadah yg berfaedah dan boleh merapatkan hubungan silaturrahim dan membina banyak kenangan untuk masa akan datang. Happy dapat menjayakan aktiviti camtok setiap bulan :) tanpa kawan2, apalah program tok.. thanks sekali lagi..

Mun mok nangga video slide show masa ya, sila ke address youtube tok http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJgkqIJI3WI.

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Mula sukan badminton sekali gik

Setelah setahun lebih aku sik main badminton, nektok aku rasa nak mula bermain badminton gik. Raket pun berdebu sik dipake main. Ingat gik masa di sekolah. Nang rajin la aku main badminton. Asyik2 aku yg plan ngajak kawan2 main badminton. Banyak juak berbuang duit. Bukannya murah juak kos main tok. zaman skolah ne da sumber pendapatan lain mun sik mintak ngan mak bapak. hehe.. tp sikpa, dah nama hobi di zaman skolah.. Rindu ngan kenangan bersama kawan2. Zaman dolok sik dapat diulang gik. semoga sejahtera kepada kawan2..

Bagus ku main badminton dari aku banyak fikir benda lain. dapat juak ngelak dari molah keja sik berfaedah.. & malas nak fikir pasal girlfren dolok :) polah jak aktiviti banyak2 & dapat mengelak rasa sunyi :)

Nektok aku dah genggam balit raket. mok aktif main badminton gik dengan kawan2. maksud aku, kawan2 pejabat dan kawan2 yg aku kenal sepanjang zaman aku kerja. kawan2 sama skolah dah masing2 dengan haluan masing2 dan tempat pun dah sik sama. Kelak aku nak plan, sekurangnya 2 kali sebulan main badminton.. Harap banyak kawan2 support..

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Pristiwa sepanjang cuti 28 Mei - 5 Jun

Sepanjang cuti tok tek, aku g pengilan Majlis Akad Nikah aunty aku & Majlis Pertunangan kazen aku. Rami org datang. & masa ya 1st time la aku nangga org bertunang & akad nikah sampe abis. hehe. lamak tok mun aku pengilan org nikah, aku slalu join miak bujang lepak2 kat luar. hehe

Yang bestnya, tunang kazen aku ya orang Perak. Jadi org perak la nya kelak ;') Apapun aku turut hepi sebab lelaki ya cukup baik, ramah dan aku yakin boleh berik nya kebahagiaan. Camya juak dengan aunty aku dengan uncle ku yg baru :'p & kazen ku dengan tunangnya, aku doakan moga hubungan berkekalan dan bahagia ke anak cucu kelak. Amin.. Doakan utk aku juak. hehhe.. Nampaknya kazen2 aku yg muda2 dari aku selalu mendahului aku :p .. aku tok gik ilek2. Gik nk hargai masa bujang sebagai org bujang. haha

Selain dari majlis2 ya, sepanjang cuti tok aku nang bz giler main game DoTA Allstars (Defence of the Ancient). Dari dolok2 gik, aku & adik2 aku asal berkumpul jak nang gian main game ya. Yg bestnya main ya secara online. 5org 1 pasukan. Teamwork.. ya la best. Sapa2 yg nak mengenali game tok, boleh la ke web www.playdota.com <-- web official gem ya. Ppuan pun banyak main. Dalam sehari hampir 200RIBU org main tok secara online seluruh dunia. Mun nak lawan dgn org seluruh dunia, pegi ke web www.garena.com. Kat cya ada la team aku & geng. Daftar pasukan mun sik salah RM70-RM150 camya utk 15org. kmk org lamak dah daftar. Pasya mun berlawan akan menaikkan ranking negara. Pastikan anda bukan noob :p sebab sesiapa yg bdaftar, kira membawa nama negara di arena GAME dunia :'p Macam2 pertandigan dari peringkat Asia tenggara hingga peringkat dunia ada kat cya. Lepas daftar ktk org leh join pertandingan.

Lepas tok, adik aku Hafiz akan masuk U / Maktab dlm bulan 7, sikda la sorg pemain Pro dlm team LTP sepanjang masa nya belajar. Nya juak adalah Clan Lord pasukan kmk org. cuma masa2 cuti jak nya leh join.. macam aku juak la, bz ngan keja :'p jangan ilmu DoTA semakin berkurang jak.

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Web Komuniti Sarawak www.kawanspace.com - kawan[space] 360

Lamak juak aku sik update blog. Mungkin bz glak dalam sik sedar.

Terkini yg aku nak kongsi, sejak seminggu lepas, aku mula nak aktif balit dengan web komuniti. Alhamdulillah dalam masa sehari jak aku dapat siapkan 1 web khas utk komuniti Sarawak. Dengan kerjasama kumpulan 360, besar juak matlamat kmk org :)

Terus terang, rasanya dah berpuluh web pernah aku polah, tp biasa la sik tahan lama. Tapi lamak dah aku sik praktikkan ilmu molah web. Sejak aku join kumpulan 360, aku rasa best juak ada group dan aktiviti bulanan. & bila fikir2, sebuah group perlu juak web komuniti & forum online utk meluaskan empayar. dengan sukarela, aku sumbangkan sebuah web utk kumpulan 360 yg dinamakan kawan[space] 360.

Harapan aku & kawan2 360, semoga kehadiran web tok banyak memberi manfaat kepada warga sarawak. semoga dapat menarik lebih ramai ahli dalam web dan membuat aktiviti bulanan seperti sebelum tok.

Kepada sapa2 member yg belum join, jum support web komuniti sarawak. majulah komuniti kita!!
daftar di www.kawanspace.com

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Picnic @ Kem Permai, Santubong: 08.05.2010: 08.30am-12.30pm

8 Mei 2010 (8.30am-12.00pm) - Aku dan 10 kawan g picnic d Kem Permai, Santubong. Sepatutnya lebih ramai yg dijangka hadir, tetapi 5-10org sik dapat dtg atas sebab2 tertentu. Kebanyakan kawan2 yg join aktiviti tok adalah hasil kenalan dari program realiti 360 degree friends di Facebook. Debah tok adalah antara gambar2 riang ria bersama kawan2.

InsyaAllah, bulan depan dan seterusnya akan molah aktiviti yg sama / lebih menarik bsama kawan2. 1 cadangan dari sorg kawan, kelak kita akan molah BBQ skali. Antara tarikh cadangan, 12 o 19 Jun.

Apa yg lawaknya, ada la hero2 yg diajak skali, tp gik lena dibuai mimpi g picnic di sumatera :p hero2 lain yg numpang nya pun terpaksa sik pergi juak. haha.. dah kmk org dah nak balit baru nya kol, nanyak kul pa ktk org balit :p lucu wei..

Zaassstt! saksikan antara sedutan di kem permai team 360..

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